what is domainmarket.io?

domainmarket.io is a marketplace that specializes in selling brandable domain names at reasonable prices.  as a sister site of domaintricity.com, domainmarket.io focuses more on the wholesale aftermarket of domain names versus the retail market.

how does the process of buying a domain name work?

it’s very simple to purchase and transfer a domain name.  upon completion of payment, simply include your GoDaddy account number as well as the email address associated with your GoDaddy account, and we will transfer the domain name to your account within 24 hours.

what type of payments do we accept?

PayPal and Escrow.com are the only payment methods we currently accept.  for purchases under $1,000 PayPal is the preferred method and for transactions over $1,000 Escrow.com is used.  In each instance the buyer agrees to pay any fees which are incurred.

how long will it take to receive my domain name?

as soon as funds are received, it will take no longer than 24 hours for you to receive your domain name if the transfer is completed via GoDaddy.com.  if you choose to use another registrar, the process can take longer depending on the registrar.

which domain registrars do we use?

we are willing to transfer domain names to any registrar you choose, however we strongly encourage the use of GoDaddy.com.  we are very familiar with the process GoDaddy uses and we feel it is simpler for all parties involved if they are the registrar used.


if you have a question which isn’t listed above, visit our contact page and we will respond as quickly as possible